Series I

Kevin Gnagne (Côte d’Ivoire )

When the pandemic began to hit our country, and the number of cases of Covid 19 began to increase, the city of Abidjan by order of the authorities came into confinement and was isolated from the rest of the country in order to stop the progression of the virus. We have also witnessed the establishment of an emergency plan of several billion FCFA to help fight against the spread of the pandemic but also to help the private sector which has been severely affected by this crisis. Several people have lost their jobs because of this health crisis. We also noticed that there was a lot of fake news circulating and pushing a certain branch of the population to disregard the measured barriers put in place for the fight against the pandemic. So with the members of the Mandela Washington Fellows 2019 cohort, we took action to help the fight against the spread of this pandemic in Côte d’Ivoire. We made an awareness video to promote barrier gestures. We have also distributed hand gels and nose covers to carriers in order to fight this pandemic. This pandemic has prompted us to change our habits, both professional and social. We discovered that working from home doable, zoom-meetings were effective where public gatherings were banned. We were able to see the adaptability of the human being to all situations. We also realized with this crisis that victory over any situation requires the unity and commitment of all and that personal interests can be the cause of perdition.

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