Series I

Fati Mahmoud Wattigi (Ghana)

Being a Muslim has taught me to give thanks to God in every situation, being it good or bad. Though I didn’t have expectations, I was always saying 2020 will be my year. This year looked good when it started until the fear of the unknown set in my mind due to covid 19. I had earlier won a scholarship which was postponed to the next year.

My country started recording covid19 cases and the capital where I live went on a lockdown but I had to go to work throughout because I’m an essential worker amidst trying to help some people in my community get food supplies for the lockdown period.

My colleagues and clients started testing positive to covid 19 and their units were shut down while they went on quarantine. This made me so afraid of going to work since my parents are old with underlining health issues, I feared I might bring the disease home.

I then took a 7 week vacation from work. Not until the 5th week before I was called back to work and given an appointment as a manager to my facility and the appointment was based on an interview I went for, in the beginning of the year. I didn’t see it coming and I didn’t feel ready for the position but as all my leadership training taught me that the first step of being a leader, is to accept that you are one or can be one. I resumed work immediately.

After some months I went for another interview at work which was a promotional interview and my rank and title changed. In all these, I would say 2020 brought its own grievances and challenges but for me it changed my life in other amazing ways.

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