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How can I submit my story?

Whose Stories Will We Hear is a project that aims to uplift the untold stories of the African continent. Inspired by the brilliant young Rwandan women who participated in our storytelling workshop, we are opening Series IV: Our Future as Told by Us.

For the longest time the Continent has been told stories about itself. What happens to the story when it is given back to its owners? There are many outside of the Continent who speak about how our global collective future rests with young Africans but what do these young people believe?

This is an opportunity for young Africans to inform and educate by sharing their insight with us.

If you are a young African currently residing in Africa, you are invited to submit your story, which will be your perspective on one or several of the following prompts:

  1. This journey, what does it look like for those of us who live here?
  2. Where are we now and where are we going?
  3. What is my personal role in the future of my country and my Continent?

How to submit?

1) For print stories (500 words maximum): Submit by completing this google form

2) For video stories (5 minutes maximum): Submit by completing this google form

We will publish your story within one week after receipt. If you have questions or need assistance, please write us at

Note: Whose Stories Will We Hear respects the rights and diverse identities of all individuals and communities and as such, reserves the right to reject content that includes language that would oppress others.

With your submission, you are providing your authorization to share your story and any images provided on this blog and potentially other spaces. The views expressed in these stories are the opinions of those who submitted the stories, not the administrators of this organization.

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