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How can I submit my story?

Whose Stories Will We Hear is a project that aims to uplift stories of the African continent. We are currently collecting stories for Series I: The Lives of Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a Black African currently residing in Africa, please submit your story (500 words or less) along with your name and country. Please attach an image, as a separate file, that will be displayed with your story. If you would like to publish your contact information with your story, please share that as well.  Responses will be edited only for spacing or spelling.

Note: Anonymous stories will be published. In this case, do not include your name or photo. Country of residence is required.

Options to submit:

1) Send via email to

2) Submit by completing this google form

We will publish your story approximately 3-4 days after receipt.

Note: With your submission, you are providing your authorization to share your story and any images provided on this blog and potentially other spaces. The views expressed in these stories are the opinions of those who submitted the stories not the administrators of this organization.

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