Stories: Series IV

Series IV: Our Future as Told by Us

The shift to consciously build African narratives that are informed by Africans is imperative, as is acknowledging the diverse voices that rest in the continent. Guided by these thoughts, we have opened Series IV: Our Future as Told by Us.

Inspired by the brilliant young Rwandan women who participated in our storytelling workshop, this series is an opportunity for young Africans to inform and educate.

If you are a young African residing in Africa, we invite you to submit your story. Please visit our Story Submission page for instructions.

Sara Taye Mengistu (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

My name is Sara Taye Mengistu and I am a Sexual and Reproductive Health advocate currently working on SRH projects involving adolescents, women, and marginalized groups. As a woman born and raised in a developing nation, I grew up witnessing the far reaching socioeconomic and development impact of SRH issues, especially in low and middle…

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Douglas Ogutu (Kenya)

My name is Douglas Ogutu, an Artist and entrepreneur from Nakuru City, Kenya who is passionate about social positive change and sound Leadership in Africa. After my undergraduate studies, I opted to start a career in Music and the Arts. This was rather a risky path to choose for many reasons. I had not formally…

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Naomi Nancy (Eldoret, Kenya)

Growing up, I always felt different. Responsible for the choices that my siblings and friends made. Being a firstborn instills that urge to take care of those around you. The environment felt like a special part that needs special care and attention. I would pause to look at the trees and nature around me and…

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