Lily Kuo of The Guardian describes the first 100 days in Wuhan after the coronavirus pandemic as the days that changed the world. There has never been a time in modern history where all of humanity was facing the same challenge, when we were all interconnected by crisis.

When the world is forced to look inside for answers, what is your story? How would you like it to be told after this moment in history?

We are lifting up the stories of Black Africans currently residing in Africa. You’re invited to submit your story. Visit our Contact Us page to learn how to do so.

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Series II: Multi-media stories from Dakar

Having tools to verbalize who we are and how we feel is an integral part of storytelling. At Whose Stories Will We Hear, we do not only collect authentic African stories, we honour the voices within these stories. We believe that every story is worthy of being listened to and being heard. In our attempt to understand and tell African stories, we also recognize that our role is not limited to compiling these stories but it is also extended to prioritizing the narrative of the communities that have given us the privilege of collaborating with them. At WSWWH we recognize that we need storytelling, it is here we say: you belong and your story matters.

WSWWH is currently running Series I: The Lives of Africans during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which features stories from 16 African countries. We have presented the collection through virtual U.S. secondary school visits and will offer virtual university presentations later this spring. We are soliciting funds to launch the next phase; to print and tour the collection throughout South Africa, the African continent and the U.S. with a series of events based on a community conversation model.

Please see our Contact Us page for details on how to submit your story.

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Covid-19 is a very scary disease. Unfounded information makes you more afraid of the disease. It was annoying because we were working from home (telecommuting) and frustrating because some people in the community didn’t take it seriously until we had cases of Covid-19 and deaths in the area. After two weeks of voluntary confinement, I […]

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