Stories: Series II

Series II: Stories from Dakar

“Some people say when we are born we’re born into stories. I say we’re also born from stories”  -Ben Okri, Nigerian Poet and Novelist

Our team had the honour of being in Dakar in June 2021 to document video stories for Series II, in collaboration with Azil Momar Lo.

In a reality that seems complex, it is the stories that give it form and meaning. Our work in Dakar has left our team with a deeper sense of gratitude for stories shared with the greatest amount of humanity, respect and dignity. We are so delighted to present a glimpse of Series II with these three stories, which embody the strength, innovation and kindness that carry our African stories.

To preserve and protect the storyteller’s authentic voice, the stories are published in their original language (Wolof, French, English). As the series evolves, we plan to technically edit the footage and add subtitles to increase access.

In presenting the Dakar series we would also like to give a special thank you to the various individuals and communities in Dakar, who opened their homes to us, and let us be part of their story.

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