Donald Bico Kariseb (Namibia)

Namibia has not really been hit by Covid-19 in a very harsh way. However our daily life has been affected. The major effect of Covid-19 here has been the lockdown. Personally as an essential service being at the forefront of the News it has not been easy to watch how alot of people are affected by the lockdown, how street vendors were forced by this pandemic to close off their source of income and stay home, how people have been over crowding each other in townships because they don’t have a mansion to scatter around.My job as a radio presenter was to keep my listeners at ease in this unorthodox times. 
Although being a social person the lockdown had a significant impact on my social life and I mean I thrive off human interactions going out and seeing new things, meeting new people and so on. I don’t know but this gives me a certain type of high a type of high that makes me appreciate life a little bit more. All that went away when the lockdown came into place.
I was forced to get to spend time with myself and not that I don’t enjoy this but I get bored too easily and my life was decreased to a routine of work and home. For the first two weeks this was hard on me I couldn’t feed my soul with what it desires I had to unearth alot of my feelings I’ve been avoiding. But nonetheless, the lock down had given me a new reality I am not used to one when I think of it reminds me of a specific scene in Scandal (The Fixer) named “the black hole” where Huck was put in a black hole and had to go wild with his imagination to keep sane. For me this is the same. I have to find an escape whether it’s through books or series to keep sane, though I still cringe when I see people hug and touch each other on TV. The lock down has had a interesting twist but I for one can’t wait to see what the next reality looks like.

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