Pa O. Diallo (Senegal)

The younger generation in its whole have always been the audience of ‘history tellings’ through books and certain studies which sometimes have some reserve regarding the truth. That is to say if that generation did not attend the Coronavirus pandemic, they would see it the same way they did with events that can be considered like footsteps in the history of mankind. Living the situation in its peak and the spread of technologies which facilitate the access of information to everyone, will be enough for the coming generations to hear the same version of this period of history. 
However, the easy access to information (which has an important value in terms of economy) becomes an obstacle for the ordinary people who do not really know which the right information is. That is what leads Denzel Washington, one of the most famous Hollywood actors, to state these words: If you listen to the news, you are misinformed. And if you don’t listen to the news, you are not informed hence this quote: Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
To the coming generations; you have all the devices and materials to get a wider and better understanding of this situation, now it is your responsibility to know where to find it…

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