Tshepo Ntokozo Hlope (Kingdom of Eswatini)

Where cases of COVID 19 were reported, there was sealing off of that geographic area, banning entry and exit of population from the containment area, there was closure of schools, offices and banning public gatherings, all suspected cases were isolated, any building including, trade centers were designated as a containment unit for the isolation of the cases.

Nobody was prepared for the Novel Corona Virus, therefore every person shall take steps to prevent the spread of COVID 19 as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. Every Homo sapiens experienced a paradigm shift, who would have thought a shop teller and a petrol attendant would be considered as essential service providers by the Government compared to the civil servants who are well educated. Indeed we were humbled beyond our imaginations, our lives changed within a twinkle of an eye.

In the midst of the lockdown in the Kingdom of eSwatini we discovered that working from home doable, zoom-meetings were effective where public gatherings were banned. A lot of Africans if not everyone started to question the purpose of their existence, people began to realize that our 9-5 jobs were the main of cracks developing in their relationships with their families, spouses and friends. Parents spent quality time with their children, cases of domestic violence were on the rise in society.

If there’s anything we have learnt in the year of 2020 as “Africans” is “humbleness”. Nobody is going to take gatherings for granted, meetings for granted, and paying your last respect to your loved for granted. None.


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